Air & Water Carbon Filtration Systems

Activated Carbon water treatment filtration
ALC Water Filters

Activated Carbon water treatment filtration is a low-cost effective solution for environmental legislation compliance requiring cleaner factory discharges. 

Odour vent filtration systems
Odour Vent Filter

This is a deep bed Activated Carbon Filter. It is a low-cost, prefabricated self-contained unit and is designed to absorb hydrogen sulfide and other unpleasant odours.

Vapour odour filtration systems
PureAir Vapour Odour

These Activated Carbon Canisters are commonly used to control gases and tank vent odour either within the industrial workplace or vented to the atmosphere. 

Activated carbon filter housings and filtration bags
Filter Housing & Bags

XL10 bag filters for applications requiring high flow rates, gross particle removal and low-pressure drop. Our standard filter housing accepts all major brands of bags.

Industrial, Commercial & Residential Carbon Filtration Systems

Removal of Contaminants & Odours

We manufacture & service activated carbon filtration systems and are specialists in modular and custom-designed filters for air filtration and water treatment in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Total solutions for the removal of trace elements.

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Sales

Activated Carbon Sales

We don’t manufacture carbon, but we do supply Activated Carbons for Air and Vapour filtration and Water treatment in various mesh sizes and performance characteristics for industrial and residential applications.